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Work Permit System

Permits are effectively means of communication between site management, plant supervisors and operators and those who carry out the work.

Work Permit Systems - Permit to work system is formal written system used to control certain type of special work that are potentially hazardous. A permit to work is document which specifies work to be done and the precautions to be taken. Safe work permits should always be used when work is performed by an outside agency or employer. Work permit is valid for a day.

Types Of Work Permit(Special Works)
  • Work Permit (Electrical Welding, Flame cutting, Grinding etc.)
  • Working at Height
  • Excavation Permit (digging, trenching, excavation etc.)
  • Confined Space Entry Work Permit (Confined space such as trench, tank, vessel etc.)
  • Electrical Permit (Work on any electric installation, panels, transformers etc.)

Permission Of Work - It is the permission of work used to ensure that the work is done safely and efficiently. All the works other than special works are included in Permission of work.

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