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Inspection Reports System

Inspection is an activity which generally occurs outside a laboratory, often at the place where the product is being produced. Inspection is primarily focused on the appearance, construction, and basic function of the product. It is the quality control function which is carried out, during the manufacturing of the product by an authorized inspector. The function includes measuring, examining, testing, gauging or otherwise comparing the findings with applicable requirement.

On the other hand, testing is carried out in a laboratory which is a facility often installed at a place near the process of manufacture. Testing laboratory is to have capability to measure the needed properties of the product (such as physical, chemical, mechanical and metallurgical etc.) for ensuring that the properties of the product being produced corresponds to the requirements of the standards and specifications.

Reports are required to be prepared after the inspection and the testing. These reports are used either for certifying the inspected or/and tested products or are used for taking decisions and corrective measures. The essential requirements of a good report is said to be its unambiguity and reproducibility.

Reports are important records which are to be controlled and are to be kept in a safe and secure place & IR module offers you the same.

The data of these reports can be analyzed to obtain the trend analysis. The data analysis also helps in the data-based decision making.

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