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Nonconformity System

Nonconformity – In quality management, a nonconformity (sometimes referred to as a defect) is a deviation from a specification, a standard, or an expectation. Nonconformities can be classified in seriousness multiple ways, though a typical classification scheme may have three to four levels, including critical, serious, major, and minor.

The causes of nonconformities aren't unlimited and therefore determinable. Common causes for deficiencies to arise include:
  • Poor communication (or miscommunication)
  • Poor documentation (or lack of documentation)
  • Poor or limited training of personnel
  • Poor motivation of personnel
  • Poor quality materials (or lack of appropriate materials)
  • Poor quality tools and equipment (or lack of appropriate tools and equipment)
  • Poor or dysfunctional operating environment

NC module offers effective handling of Non-Conformities.

While some situations allow "nonconformity" and "defect" to be used synonymously, some industries distinguish between the two; a nonconformity represents a failure to meet an intended state and specification, while a defect represents a failure to meet fitness for use/normal usage requirements

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