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Incidents And Accidents System

Incident/Accident Reporting is an online fully hosted system for the management of the incident reporting process. Providing a reporting mechanism for all incidents within the workplace, the system allows anyone from within the business to report an incident.

From investigation, to corrective actions, to reporting on statistics, Incident Reporting ensures the lifecycle of the incident is completed

  • Reportable Accident - Any person involved in a major injury this includes fractures (other than to fingers, thumbs or toes), amputation, dislocation of the shoulder, hip, knee or spine, loss of sight, chemical or hot metal burn or penetrating injury to the eye, injury leading to unconsciousness) which cannot be cured by first-aid & needs medical practitioner’s treatment. Also, the injured person he/she cannot continue the work immediately.
  • Reportable Incident - Any person involved in a minor injury (hand injury, finger injury or any cut, etc.) which can be cured by first-aid & again he/she can continue the work immediately.
  • Near Miss - It is defined as an incident in which there was no injury or property damage but where the potential for serious consequences existed.

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